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Newborn Screening?

Many parents are unaware of the conditions included in screening, or that it varies from state to state. Baby’s First Test brings together resources to help guide parents and health professionals alike.

What Your State Offers

Every state has its own Newborn Screening program. Learn about it.

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Get information about the 77 screenable conditions.

Get The Facts

Newborn screening is just one of many things that happen in the first few days after a baby is born. The following information can help prepare expecting parents for the newborn screening process and answer common questions, such as: What should I do Before Birth? What are the Screening Procedures? How should I respond to the Results? What are the Screening Outcomes? What happens to the Blood Sample?

What to Expect

National Snapshot

Newborn Screening is an evolving system that is different throughout the country. See newborn screening through our partners’ perspectives.

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Healthcare Professionals

We can provide up-to-date information on some of the most commonly asked issues about newborn screening so health care professionals can be prepared to answer questions from their patients. Among our resources is helpful information for Prenatal Health Care Providers, Pediatric Health Care Providers, and advice regarding Dried Blood Spot Storage and Use.

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